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The Singing Machine STVG-1008

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We find the most interesting Machine Karaoke Systems For Sale. Here are the best deals we found for The Singing Machine STVG-1008 for sale on the Internet.

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 303802808343860050 The Singing Machine STVG 1008

Up for Auction is the Singing Machine STVG-1008. I had this for about a year and used it one time. There is absolutely no wear marks and it works perfectly, I just tested everything on it and there is nothing wrong at all. I just don't ever use this due to having the PS3. This was great and has a radio on it which sounds perfect. This also comes with the manuals and 3 Karaoke Discs to start your collection. The Singing Machine Pedestal CDG Karaoke System just got better. The STVG-1008 not only surpasses its previous model, but now includes dual tower speakers. This machine will definitely provide you with many years of fun and entertainment. This unit has many useful features. One of them being Auto Voice Control (A.V.C.). When the A.V.C. function is activated, the vocals on a multiplex recording are eliminated as soon as the singer begins singing into the microphone. When the singer stops singing, the vocals on the multiplex recording are automatically re-activated. This useful function is used pimarily during practice sessions while a singer is learning a song. You'll be able to use key control, echo, and pitch control to fine tune the song to match the singers voice.The dual tower speakers will provide you with the extra sound performance to sing like a star. All this is paired up with one wired microphone and wireless microphone. This Karaoke Center is easy to use, yet full of features with a compact design. Just a few simple instructions and you will become an expert. This all-in-one system comes with a total of 2 microphones. As if that wasn't enough, you can use the built-in camera to watch yourself singing on the monitor. You can even record yourself to tape by connecting a VCR to the RCA output of this machine. There is plenty of great and fun features in this system. Technical Details: Front Load CD + Graphics Player - 7" Built-in black & white monitor - Karaoke Vision (Built-in color video camera) - AM/FM radio - Digital Key Control - Functions: CDG/Radio/Aux -Front Load CD mechanism2-Digit LED display - Video Output for TV Connection - Video InputBuilt-in Speaker System: 1 Woofer and 1 Tweeter -2 Tower Speakers -Audio Aux Input/Aux Output - A.V.C. (Auto Voice Control)Two Microphone Inputs jacks - Master volume control -Microphone volume control - Microphone echo controlPackage Included: 1 Singing Machine CDG Sampler Disc in box -2 Singing Machine Microphones (1 Wired, 1 Wireless) - Instruction Manual - 1 RCA Cable - Warranty Card

 303802808343860051 The Singing Machine STVG 1008
 303802808343860052 The Singing Machine STVG 1008
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